All Dressed Up and Nowhere To Go!

The 100th Sheep has a brand new table dress to help DFW celebrate their Quinceneara! 

But, since DFW has been forced to cancel this year, we are going to celebrate with them right here.

In the next day or two the inventory and new colorways that we were loading in the trailer to take to Dallas will be loaded in the store instead.  


between now andat least April 5, we will donate 15% of every sale to DFW to make sure they are able to be there for all of us next year!

We will send out our first-ever email to sbscribers when we get the goodies on-line.

Shipping Note:

Every package we ship starts with freshly washed and sanitized hands, then your items are wrapped in new/clean tissue paper before being placed in the envelope or box.  We want to support a healthy fiber experience!