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Peggy Doney has been fascinated with color since her first box of crayons

After 20 years of homeschooling, she wondered what to do with all of the left-over chemistry equipment.  The answer came after taking a spinning class with a neighbor.  Now she enjoys spinning, knitting, silk fusion, and dyeing.   For many years, she has been discovering color recipes using triad, gradient, and monochromatic studies.  These studies allow exploration in hue as well as value and support Peggy’s special interest in making accurate recipes that are starting points for matching colors in nature.   The yarns Peggy creates celebrate the texture and luster of a wide variety of natural and synthetic fibers and gives a medium to combine those textures with the color she loves.  Peggy’s skill with the dye pot led to a stint as one of the regular dyers for Treenway Silks.

If there is anything that Peggy enjoys as much as creating with fiber and color it’s sharing that passion with others.  From an annual fiber arts gathering in her back yard to teaching workshops for guilds and at festivals like the Taos Wool Festival to one-on-one sharing, Peggy likes to pass on her excitement for fiber and color.    

Peggy knows all the dyeing jokes, has lots of dye pots, and now uses her big box of crayons as a reference material.  

Jeff Doney is a Fiber Enabler. 


He has encouraged Peggy to pursue her fiber art.  While roaming Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming with Peggy, he enjoys capturing the magnificence of Creation on “film”.  His photographs chronicle Peggy’s fiber journey and serve as illustrations for her classes and lectures.

Latte and Chino are Undyed White Dogs. 


Both were adopted through Snow Capped Shepherd Rescue.

 Their primary contribution to The 100th Sheep is to make sure someone has enough sleep...

Both spend most of their time in the studio with Peggy.

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