Peggy Doney has always loved color.

Over the years she has painted, drawn, quilted, knitted, and taught four terrific children.  A sweater pattern with small patches of subtle color led her to learn to dye, and a neighbor’s spinning wheel inspired her initial foray into spinning.  Now, Peggy has eight wheels, numerous drop spindles, and has joined her new love of fiber and spinning with her perennial love of color.

Feeling the luscious fibers spin into unique yarns gives Peggy countless hours of pleasure.  Coaxing her dyes to turn those yarns just the right color is her fiber passion.

Peggy takes every opportunity to demonstrate and teach what she has learned at both the wheel and the dye pot.  She is a regular at demonstration days at Rockledge Ranch and The Pioneer’s Museum in Colorado Springs.  Two of her wheels are dedicated to giving children the chance to experience yarn being born for themselves.

Jeff Doney is a fiber enabler.  He has encouraged Peggy to pursue her fiber art.  While roaming Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming with Peggy, he enjoys capturing the magnificence of Creation on film.  His photographs chronicle Peggy’s fiber journey and serve as illustrations for her classes and lectures.