Peggy loves to share her fiber passion.  Below are some examples of classes or workshops she’s taught.  If you would like to investigate options for you or your group, your place or ours, we’d love you hear from you!  The best way to start is to use our Contact page and send us your contact info and what you’re looking for. Below are some of the workshops we’ve done in the past, to get you thinking. We can make adjustments to meet your schedule or learning desires.

Carding and Fiber Preparation with Karla, the Spinning Mermaid


Triad Dyeing
Basic Dyeing
Dyed Richness – Silk Yarns
Dyed Richness – Silk Fibers
On Beyond Ecru


Mud is for Pies, Not Yarns
Spinning a Good Yarn


From Fleece to Fabulous
A Dyer’s Unexpected Journey
The Dance of Color and Texture in Spinning

Private lessons

Peggy has done numerous private or small group sessions on spinning, dyeing or other fiber topics for students from near and far.  This sometimes includes use of the resource in our studio.